broken spring repair

Springs make a connection with the doors of the garage door. Any problem and issue with the springs means hampering in the functionality of the garage door. Contact us as Mastic garage door repair has specially designed doors which has springs firmly attached to the door. Our doors are not just doors, rather complete security system of keeping you and your vehicles safe inside the garage. You may need to regularly monitor the connection and bond of the garage door with the springs. Sometimes the loose connection fails to hold the door tight and lead to accidents. The broken spring can prove to be fatal and life threatening.

Garage door repair in Mastic don’t always suggest you buy a new spring altogether, rather we first go for any changes or suggested amendments in the existing springs. If small changes don’t prove fruitful for the broken springs, we do advise you to change the springs completely and will also give you discount offers.

You may also need to see the type of springs attached to your garage door. There are torsion springs and suspension springs. One thing to be noted is that both the springs require different expertise for the handling purposes and anyone working with torsion spring, can’t work with expansion spring and vice versa.